Philadelphia Alumni Chapter
Philadelphia Alumni Chapter
Philadelphia Alumni Chapter

Philadelphia Alumni Chapter

The Strayer University Alumni Association is committed to fostering lasting relationships between alumni, students, parents and their communities.

Strayer's regional alumni chapters continue our tradition of leadership by helping the next generation of Strayer students through mentoring, community activities and professional networking services. 

To contact the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter directly, please email

Philadelphia, PA
Officer List
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Sonja Clark


Tracey McBeth


Alison Baker


Gerald Brown


Lynne Gustave


Tamara Andrews


Sasha Wiggins

Center City Campus Liaison

Ilene Robertson-Davis

Del. County Campus Liaison

Virgie Blakney

Del. County Campus Liaison

Eric Kelly, Sr.

Wilmington Campus Liaison

Alison Baker

Low. Bucks Campus Liaison

Lynne Gustave

Cherry Hill Campus Liaison

Derrick Hutton

Willingboro Campus Liaison

Upcoming Events
December 14, 2019 | 10:00am to 1:30pm, EST

Join the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter for an end of year celebration! We will have speakers at the campus to talk about their career paths and offer professional advice about how to make the transition from the classroom to the workforce.

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