Syllabus documents are not part of our official student records. They are administrative/teaching tools and may be changed in any term that the content, term schedule, coursework, weekly assignments or reading list gets updated for any reason. As a result, we cannot provide you with specific syllabi. However, you can access course descriptions during the year you studied. To find course descriptions, click on the student handbook to access course descriptions.

Financial documents, including tax forms, can be found in your iCampus account by January 31 of each year. Forms from prior years can be found here too. For general financial aid questions, please contact the student financial services team at 1-844-727-4357.

Upon leaving the university, Microsoft requires former students to remove the products obtained via the Strayer University Education license. If you have questions about this, you may contact Microsoft Support. If you have data that you wish to keep, such as files, Outlook contacts, calendars, and emails, please log in to your account to download your information. Please refer to the resources below for more information regarding your license to use Microsoft 365 products through Strayer University.



You do have the option to keep your Strayer email address (but no other Microsoft 365 apps associated with your account, including Outlook).

Submit a request to keep your Strayer email address

Access Strayer/Microsoft 365 technical support.

To order your transcript:

  • Visit Strayer’s Parchment page
  • Create a new account (or sign in if you already have an account)
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

Visit https://alumni.strayer.edu/transcripts-and-diplomas/ for more information.

If you would like a duplicate copy of your diploma or certificate, please use the MyReorder option and fill out the Credential Request form. The cost for a duplicate diploma or certificate is $50.

Please email commencement@strayer.edu for commencement related questions. You can also refer to the Strayer Commencement FAQ page https://commencement.strayer.edu/faqs/

Visit Strayer University’s iCampus page to update your contact information. If you need your Strayer username and password contact Strayer University’s Technical Support team or call 1-844-478-7293 (toll free in the U.S.).

Contact Strayer University’s Technical Support team or call 1-844-478-7293 (toll free in the U.S)